Cabbage - [kab-ij] Chiefly British 1. a. cloth scraps that remain after a garment has been cut from a fabric and that by custom the tailor may claim. 2. slang - verb. To steal; pilfer: He cabbaged whole yards of cloth.

Cove - (kษ™สŠv) Brit, Austral 1. old-fashioned , slang - a fellow; chap.

Cabbaging Cove: A scoundrel keen on pilfering [from the annals of not-so-distant history]!

About the Cabbaging Cove

  1. "Boy With Squirrel" Fantastic!
1765 painting.

    "Boy With Squirrel"ย Fantastic!

    1765 painting.

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      John Singleton Copley, Boy with a Squirrel. 1765
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